We have set ourselves the goal of being a recognized and competitive player in the field of GMP manufacturing of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and the development of sophisticated active ingredient syntheses on the German and international pharmaceutical market.

We are gradually expanding our customer base. To this end, we focus, in particular, on medium-sized companies but also work together with large pharmaceutical companies. We believe in the cooperation with our customers based on a relationship of trust.

Since the establishment of our technology company, we have gathered more than 15 years of experience in setting up business processes and have been able to operate successfully in a heavily regulated market. As a result, we have created a sound basis for our ambitious goals for the future – goals which can still be implemented even under unpredictable external conditions.

Building on this, we will further expand the area of GMP manufacturing and, by the end of 2023, we will commission a third synthesis plant with a reactor volume of several 100L. This means that we can reliably supply even more customers with our high-quality active ingredients. GMP manufacturing will continue to be our mainstay in the long term.

In addition to GMP manufacture, we are increasingly taking on demanding development projects, including, in particular, collaboration on drug development through the preclinical phase to clinical phases I, II and III, for which we assume responsibility for the development of active ingredients and the provision of active ingredients up to and including market supply.

Besides chemical synthesis, the two other business areas of “Purification” and “Particle Design” will also be part of our portfolio in the future.

To this end, we are increasingly striving for partnerships within the framework of development projects in the field of the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, with the aim of carrying out the subsequent purification using our HAPIpur® technology on a technical scale at HAPILA or, alternatively, transferring the process to the customer.

Another goal is the continuous improvement and stabilization of our quality standards, which, in the future, we will continue to prove through successful GMP inspections by the Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection (TLV), which is responsible for us, as well as customer audits and re-certifications or surveillance audits for our integrated management system by TÜV[1] Thüringen.

To achieve these goals, our team includes highly motivated and excellently qualified employees who work in demanding positions. The team’s continuous development is a consistent goal for HAPILA GmbH and we want to continue expanding our team in the future. The cooperation will be characterized by consistent compliance with our corporate code. Together, we will do everything we can to guarantee a secure professional future for the employees of HAPILA GmbH.