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In accordance with our milestone program (Download PDF »») we offer in-house GMP provision in addition to complete development up to scale-up. We are, however, prepared to transfer the resulting process to our customer. We are happy to assist in design of the plant to be realised and in compliance with our technology.

With our HAPIpur® –Technology, pharmaceutical ingredients can be obtained at a very high degree of product purity and extraordinarily high yield. 

Our technology is characterised by the following advantages:

  •  the processes can be precisely planned using the HAPILA computer simulation model
  • all processes are done on-site, ideal for „High Actives“
  • the size of the crystallisers is significantly smaller than with common batch crystallisation
  • safe reproducibility
  • validatable process, suitable for a GMP environment
  • continuous processes
  • low thermic stress on the product
  • achieving simultaneously extremely high purity with higher yield
  • simple scale up / scale down of the process by the uniform plant concept from laboratory scale up to production scale (4ml →200ml, 4ml →2l →20l →100L…)
  • full automation at any scale
  • advantageous comparison with distillation and extraction (rectification and mixer-settler)


We offer a complete service from the feasibility study via the process development to establishing the GMP process. With our partner Büchi AG / Switzerland »» we can plan and install crystallisation equipment based on the HAPIpur®-technology and matching the requirements of the manufacturing process.