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Chemical Synthesis

We offer our customers the development of multistage synthesis processes to manufacture highly active ingredients including the creation of the required analytical and stability data, reports and regulatorily relevant documents. Also the optimisation of existing processes as well as testing and realising of alternative synthesis routes are subject matters of our work.

Our services comprise:

  • developing new syntheses to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and Intermediates
  • innovative synthesis design for new substances as well as for those already available on the market
  • generating feasibility studies on the synthesis based on intensive investigations in literature and patents
  • optimisation of the syntheses and development of alternative synthesis routes
  • handling of highly active substances
  • scale-up of syntheses processes
  • process transfers also to external production plants

Classes of Substances

The selection of classes of substances mentioned below will give you an overview about some of the classes of substances processed at HAPILA:

  • steroidanalogues,
  • aminoacids,
  • flavones,
  • porphins,
  • benzothiazinones.


The following examples of chemical reactions show the variety of options or possibilities:

  • regioselective and stereoselective reduction and (ep)oxidation,
  • bromination and chlorination,
  • cross-couplingreactions,
  • McMurry homo-coupling reaction,
  • Gabriel synthesis of primary amines,
  • Nitration,
  • Simmons-Smithcyclopropanation,
  • Shapiro reaction,
  • silylations/de-silylations,
  • esterifications, amidations,
  • Acidic and alkaline hydrolyses,
  • ethinylation,
  • carboxylations,
  • Birchreduction,
  • Grignard reaction,
  • catalytic hydrogenation.