HAPILA and Transo-Pharm expand cooperation

1/12/2022 HAPILA GmbH and Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH are determined to deepen their relationship and have therefore jointly decided to expand the production capacities at the HAPILA site in Gera, mainly to meet the increasing demand for the active in


Planning for new GMP production facilities

HAPILA is ramping up its production capacity with two new GMP plants now in its manufacturing pipeline. The concept design is almost complete and includes a 240 m2 area for new GMP production facilities with a capacity of up to 600 liters and the nec


Welcome to HAPILA

Founded in 2007 by scientists and technicians of long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry, HAPILA GmbH provides high-value services to a broad range of customers covering medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, “Big Pharma”, Generics, R&D, Biotech and Fine Chemicals. We offer the highest levels of expertise to solve demanding problems in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients.

HAPILAHighly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient LAbs

With our highly motivated and expert team, we offer our customers early stage development up to and including GMP manufacturing in the fields of synthesis, purification and design.

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  • HAPILA is located in Gera/Germany at the outskirts of an industrial estate with easy access: the A4 autobahn and local aerodrome are nearby, and Halle-Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt Airports are each just one hour away
  • There are neighbouring high-tech centres in Jena, Halle-Leipzig, and Dresden providing excellent opportunities for scientific networking
  • With flexible financing, HAPILA is independent and thus free in its decision-making - an advantage regarding projectselection and any short-term investments needed for their progression
  • We aim to develop the company on an on-going basis through sound and organic growth – with our employees taking part in and profiting long-term from this goal
  • We are dedicated to being a long-term, reliable and exceptional partner that provides real solutions and value to our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries