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HAPILA GmbH - Business Segments

HAPILA is engaged in three major business areas of the API value-creation chain: synthesis, purification and particle design; this makes HAPILA a highly efficient bridge-builder between production of the API and its suitability for pharmaceutical production.

Business segments of HAPILA GmbH

We offer services:

  • to develop chemical-pharmaceutical syntheses of active ingredients including development of analytical methods;
  • to manufacture reference standard substances which are complicated to synthesise;
  • to develop purification procedures for pharmaceutical ingredients using our patented HAPIpur®-Technology (fully automated continuous counter current flow multi-stage crystallisation);
  • to develop design processes (particle design / particle engineering) for pharmaceutical ingredients for specific pharmaceutical applications;
  • for scale-up and GMP manufacturing for synthesis, purification and particle design;
  • to prepare necessary supporting regulatory documentation – i.e. DMF (3.2.S-part… for API), ASMF, IMPD, CEP and
  • in general for handling pharmaceutical ingredients.