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HAPILA GmbH Business Model

HAPILA is your ideal partner for the development and production of active ingredients for requirements spanning process development, preclinical tests and clinical studies, as well as the supply of active ingredients for marketed products.

We are an independent enterprise that provides our customers with long-standing experience and proven knowledge in active ingredients in support of the development and manufacture of medicinal products.

We emphasise trust and cooperation through open communication and a highly ethical approach to business relationships. We highlight our flexibility in shaping solutions to customers’ requests.

By consequently implementing our growth programme in the fields of personnel and technology, we are continuously extending our development and manufacturing capacities.

The Procedure

Contractual Design
In order to minimise risks for either party, we recommend commencing development projects with “accountable milestones”. The project proposal we generate after the “kick-off” meeting provides a solid basis for discussion of all project stages.

Based on achieving mutually-agreed goals (milestones), contracts to cover key areas (e.g. development agreement, supply agreement, quality assurance agreement, IP issues) will be prepared together with our partners.

Please find further information in the Section: “Business and Services.”

As well as providing customer-specific solutions, we are proactively developing our own range of products so we can react even quicker to customer demands for active ingredients. We focus on highly active ingredients which, in most cases, are characterised by complex processes involving a number of stages. The amount of active ingredient ranges from grams to kilograms up to approximately 100 kg per year.

Project Management
Our flat organisational structure (see section “Team”) and a tight collaborative ethos enable optimal steering and successful realisation of projects. Our expertise means we are happy to investigate special requirements and are prepared to take adequate risks in the interest of a swift progress of the project and to take corresponding farsighted decisions.

Networking and Know-how

Due to our excellent networking, we have access to an extensive range of know-how that can be made available to the benefit of customers, their consent permitting. 
Our customers will nevertheless receive all services from one source - HAPILA.